"Filmmaking Ain't For Pu****s!"

Episode Ten

October 08, 2021 Dave Fugett
"Filmmaking Ain't For Pu****s!"
Episode Ten
Show Notes

If you're ready to start writing that award winning screenplay, this episode is
a "must" listen. Film school grad/filmmaker Dave jumps into the 3 Act structure and talks about what info needs to go into Act One. He also chats about avoiding elements that can ruin your storytelling. Arguably, the most important episode to date for those who want to write screenplays.

Dave's award winning feature film "THE HIKE" is exclusively on Vimeo to stream or purchase.
Link -  www.vimeo.com/ondemand/thehikemovie  
Facebook - www.facebook.com/neverhikealone
Website - www.thehikemovie.net 
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