"Filmmaking Ain't For Pu****s!"

Episode Twelve - Samantha Widmer pt. 2

October 21, 2021 Dave Fugett Season 1 Episode 12
"Filmmaking Ain't For Pu****s!"
Episode Twelve - Samantha Widmer pt. 2
Show Notes

In part 2 of Dave's chat with actress/filmmaker Samantha Widmer, they talk about the making of "LAILA'S LAIR" and her other projects which she produced. Dave ends the interview with a homage to James Lipton.
Samantha's production company website is -
To watch "LAILA'S LAIR", click on "news" in the upper right and you will see her productions. Scroll down and there are YouTube links to her web-series episodes.
In part 2 of our interview, we discuss the making of the really funny web-series. Enjoy!

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